Care Ambulance was established in 1992 as an Advanced Life Support provider in Montgomery Alabama. Care Ambulance currently provides service in Montgomery, Macon, Autauga, Chilton, Perry, Dallas, Lowndes, Lee, & Russell Counties in Alabama. Care Ambulance also services Muscogee County in Georgia.

Care Ambulance believes that the most successful method of providing quality emergency medical services is to encourage feedback and active involvement from consumers and community stakeholders. Open communication and the forthright exchange of ideas ensure that we provide responsive and clinically effective emergency medical services to the community. Our success is predicated on our commitment to provide our clients with the level of service that best meets the needs of the individual client. We recognize that each community has unique needs and concerns that require a custom crafted solution.

At Care Ambulance we believe that our employees are our greatest asset. As our frontline representatives to the public, it is essential that they exhibit the highest level of professional, clinical and customer service skills possible. Ongoing training programs are just one way that we strive to remain on the cutting edge of emergency medical services.

Our mission is to provide a high level of care for our patients utilizing state of the art equipment while providing comfort and support for patient and family.

In 2013, we were pleased to announce the sale of our operation to Falck.

Falck is a one hundred and six year old Scandinavian based company who is deeply rooted in emergency medical services.

We believe that Falck has the depth and breadth to propel our operations forward based on the long history of providing emergency medical services and outstanding management team that Falck has in place. We invite you the visit the Falck website to learn more about this outstanding organization at Falck has continued to be a key influence in the image of Care Ambulance portraying a quality influence that could only be given by a century old sustained EMS service.

Falck charged one of its subsidiary companies, American Ambulance, with the task of managing Care Ambulance in a more personable, day to day basis. American Ambulance was founded in 1964 in Hollywood, Florida and was managed and owned by its founder until March of 1999 when it was acquired by its current ownership, Falck.

At Care Ambulance, we work together to accomplish a single goal. We work to provide a prompt, quality healthcare service to the citizens and healthcare facilities in our area. This is a goal we are committed to achieve.